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Themes vs. Plugins Debate – January 2013



  • Can putting all functionality into a plugin(s) handle the types of situations that arise?
  • What complications can arise?
  • What are some things to look for/keep an eye out for (i.e. __PLUGINDIR__)?
  • What are some best practices to achieve this separation of theme and functionality?
  • More things to worry about backing up, i.e. functionality plugin instead of simply the theme folder/uploads
  • Pitfalls for some existing workflows (i.e. git repo for just the theme) – how to avoid/resolve?
  • Is it ok to pick and choose when to put things in themes vs plugins (i.e. client needs a site, never going to change the theme) – think about the 5 year plan of the site

Thanks to everyone who participated!

  • You can use YouTube’s editing tools to trim off the beginning of that video. Might be handy. 🙂

    Generally if I’m doing those, I don’t hit the “live” button until the conversation gets going, but the simple editor in YouTube works too.

    • Yea – I didn’t have time to do it yesterday – I had a meetup to get to, but I plan on trimming it down today 🙂

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  • How are these chats planned? Is there a blog where someone sets them up? Or is there a backchannel somewhere?

    • Hey Boone, it just happened organically – I put out a call on twitter for anyone interested and word kind of spread. I’ll make sure to ping you if you’re interested?

      I’m @aaronjholbrook on twitter.

      • Ah, gotcha. If you think of it next time around, please do ping me. Thanks! (I’m @boone)

        • Sure thing Boone – will make sure to do that!

          I’m thinking about having some more discussions, possibly once a month or so.

          I like the hangouts because it’s a great opportunity to get to talk to other developers that you wouldn’t normally get at a Meetup or a WordCamp.

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