Aaron Holbrook
by Aaron Holbrook
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Some thoughts I had on my way home from WordCamp Grand Rapids 2012:

  • A long car ride is better shared
  • Even better: a long car is best shared by a fellow geek who you can learn lots from
  • Pre-conference speaker parties are the best type of party
  • Grand Rapids is full of breweries
  • These breweries contain lots of good food
  • Don't leave your brand new macbook air box sitting on your car seat parked in a parking lot
  • If you decide to ignore the previous rule then don't be surprised when someone has broken into your car and stolen your laptop
  • Brian Richards (@rzen) knows how to make a brilliant conference badge/book
  • Ryan Imel (@ryanimel) puts on a hell of show
  • Brian Richards also knows how to organize one hell of a conference
  • #bathroomnirvana is a thing
  • I should really time out my speech a little better so I don't finish at the 13 minute mark
  • Free hoodies and shirts are really awesome
  • Mark Jaquith is really tall!
  • I think @jjj & @jaquith were literally the giants on who's shoulders we stand on
  • @theandystratton is a really nice guy (you know underneath the hard exterior)
  • Constant stomache butterflies is not a fun way to spend 5+ days
  • meeting my peers in the WP community is such an inspiring experience
  • I continue to be impressed by how much utility there is in twitter
  • Most especially at a gathering of people (like at a conference)
  • To be so closely tied to people digitally and for that to be completely irrelevant to physical proximity is a wonder that my brain is still trying to decipher
  • Conferences WordCamps are insanely amazing!