Aaron Holbrook
I'm Aaron Holbrook: a web engineer, father, gamer and geek.

I’ve Joined 10up!

If you know me personally, you know I’ve been freelancing for the last two years and absolutely loving it. Being my own boss, doing work I want to do, and best of all working from home! I love the flexibility that comes with staying at home and being near my wife and boys.

But in the last couple months the work has been repetitive, following leads has been dull and overall I’ve started to get the feeling that I’m not pursuing what it is that I truly find meaning in: learning new things and doing challenging work! I truly love facing a challenge and overcoming it with wits, logic and creativity. To see a creation come to life through willpower and creativity lets loose ALL the dopamine.

So after a bit of reflecting, I decided my way forward was to join a team of extremely smart people to learn and grow as a developer.

I spoke with Jake Goldman, President and CEO of 10up (10up being one of the largest, most professional, WordPress development agencies in the world!), to see if they could use anyone with my skills and abilities. He quickly assured me they could and the rest is history!

As of today I’m proud to announce that I am joining the stunning team at 10up!